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Random Haiku o' th' Day

Not champs for three years.
That's like lots of normal years
In your Yankee years.

9 December 2003
By: BxSteve
"I'm a Yankee fan from Da Bronx who came of age when Horace Clarke led the team in BA. (It was .272, I think.)"

Editors' Choice

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Hey wait 'til next year
Every eighty-six years
Like clockwork.  Go Sox.

27 October 2003
By: Budes

The Newest Haiku

(Added to the site most recently.)

New hope, suddenly
The Red Sox with good pitching
Broken arm in March?

15 December 2003
By: IsoEd

Winter brings sadness
But news from above says stop;
Schilling, Foulke, spring hope

15 December 2003
By: RadDad

Almost there again --
coitus interruptus.
Red Sox can't finish the job.

15 December 2003
By: MrK

Having a Woodrow
In the White House seems to help.
Run Allen for Prez?

16 December 2003
By: Chris in NYC
""1918 redux". Alternate, cruel version: Having a Wilson In the White House seems to help. Run Mookie for Prez?"

In winter Fenway 
Old ghosts sleep and Schilling dreams
No hitters, no curse.

16 December 2003
By: PT

Sox fans always think
and all I have have to say is 
those Yankees do stink.

16 December 2003
By: crf

Sox fans in bed think
it would be real cool and fun
to see A-Rod play

16 December 2003
By: crf

Ted's choice now gone
What is now Sox heart? 

17 December 2003
By: mariah
"Will the last one out rename the Green Monster for Corporate Baseball?"

The solstice approaches
Sun low in the sky
Yankees suck

17 December 2003
"Red Sox fan more than 50 years, grew up in Maine, living too long in exile in Oklahoma."

A Long winter wait
For Sox Pennant Redemption
Please A-Rod come soon

18 December 2003
By: EGriff

I know what we need
Even with his legs today
Dom DiMaggio

19 December 2003
By: Bowering, ss

many years have passed
falling leaves, bucky dent

19 December 2003
By: kaiser

trade, it matters not
a season of games to play
we'll just see won't we? 

19 December 2003
By: uncle stefan
"A Yankee fan with young,die hard Red Sox fan, nephews"

Please, Nomar, forgive
For they know not what they do.
We, the fans, love you.

19 December 2003
By: Warrow
"Why would we want A-Rod over Manny and Nomar?"

It is Theo, no?
When players must go. And so
Must office stupidness show?

19 December 2003
"The curse is back in the office where it started"

Alex Rodriguez
And Magglio Ordoñez
Would be quite a sight.

20 December 2003
By: Warrow

Being a Sox Fan
Is genetic. But is it 
Child abuse too?

21 December 2003
By: steeplechase3k


This site is born of agony and defeat. Game 7, 11th inning, Aaron Boone at the plate . . . 1986, Bill Buckner* . . . Bucky Dent . . . Carlton Fisk . . . some names and moments will live forever in Red Sox history. We have just had one of them.

*In fact, one of the managers of this site was a Mets fan in 1986. It was a great year. Sorry.

And one response to tragedy is art. To distill pain and despair and a chaotic railing at the cruelties of fate . . . into beauty and subtlety and creation. To do this may be only to light one small, phosphorescent fishie in an ocean of blackness, but we do it because it is what humans do.

It is what Red Sox fans do.

It is all we can do.

What is haiku?

Too hard to explain here. Any description of this essentially Japanese poetic form, rooted inextricably in Japanese language and culture, for English-speakers by an English-speaker, would inevitably simplify and misrepresent beyond any hint of usefulness.

Besides, I don't really know.

Some resources for you to find out:


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What about other verse forms? If we get submissions we like, we'll put up any other Red Sox verse as well. If you have a seven-act Jacobean revenge comedy starring Ted Williams, Cy Young, and Italian-Sausage Man, send it on in!

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